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    Ripping people off, due to bad

    I rented a car there, via Booking.com, at the (indeed) ridiculous price of around 20€ for 7 days.
    However I cannot say I am pleased with the working ethos from the people / the division of Wiber at Mallorca Airport.

    When picking up the car, I had to find ánd check it on defaults all by myself on the very dark parking lot (it was dark already). To be sure that afterwards there could not be a default that's not mine, I photographed the car entirely.
    Luckily I'd read the mail and paper from Wiber, that says that photos must be uploaded within 2 hours after picking up the car; the man from Wiber told me nothing about this! (in my thought it's also a stupid rule and foul way of trying to make extra money if people don't upload pictures within 2 hours, as digital pictures always have date and hour of recording in their details).
    Picking up a car in the dark isn't a good idea, as it would turn out later...

    When bringing back the car, the man responsible for the transaction made no fuss at all about the defaults I had found, photographed, and emailed within the 2 hours on the day of picking up (among them a lot of nasty resin spots on the lacquer of the car).
    However, he very soon 'found' a scratch in a black door rubber, as if it has been there like for ages (in other words; he knew what he was looking for). A scratch in a black door rubber, which was unseen by me in the dark (of course...), and which was not noticeable on the pictures I made, because of the dark (again)...
    That the superficial scratch in fact doesn't really matter for the water sealing, as it was not through the rubber, the Wiber man would not hear it.
    That I must pay something for that, I can accept, as I paid only around 20€ for renting the car, and now there's an (innocent) scratch.

    When the man told me that the 'cheapest' price for this is 174€, I was shocked. When telling him that I know there's no way Wiber will replace the rubber for this superficial scratch, the man laughed, turned around and want away to his computer...

    That it's costing me 174€ (especially for something they won't repair), and there's no guarantee that the company will report it in the files for future people who rent the car, is harder for me to accept. That is because I feel treated in an injustice way, and feel that it's gonna happen to other people too in the future, at the Wiber division at Mallorca Airport...

    After already renting several cars at other rental services in the past, also for ridiculous low prices per week, it's the first time that I have such a bad experience and such bad feeling afterwards.
    When sending my thoughts / complaints to the main Wiber office, they only replied that I can pass the documents to my own insurance company if I have an Omnium Insurance (all damages covered), which I have not.

    Renting at Wiber leaves me with a cheated feeling...

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    Deze site is echt heel handig!

    Wiber rent

    Jaaaa, auto huren kun je met een gerust hart uitvoeren bij Wiber rent-a-car. Ze zijn gefocust op Spaanse vliegvelden en weten dus precies waar je bent en waar je moet zijn. Heb een betere ervaring dan toen ik voor het laatst een auto had gehuurd in Avignon, Frankrijk


    was een beetje Matig al zeg ik het zelf, want in Madrid verwacht ik toch dat het wat duidelijker aangegeven staat en dat de communicatie helderder is.

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